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From girl to lady to grown Ass women

From a little girl to a lady we learn things in life tht most of us could or wouldnt even imagine.Girl in to lady and lady in to The best grown ass women we all became no matter the color of our skin or the place we resign in.Girl in to a lady in to a grwon ass women were u knew how beauty worked and how hard tou had to deal with school fights cause u didnt dress like the others.but wait to this girl to a lady to a grown ass women i was listening to her cring cause we forget how deep growing has become.hey girl tour so young and amazing.tou sweet and charming but then that day that girl became a lady life change and she thwn became a fox and hot looker and top dog and his crew drags to the floor to be with u but then that lady become tht grown ass woman who remember tou hurt her and didnt want tou to know that grown ass women has become a outstanding ambitious women and while you brakeing hurts b aware tht girl grows up in to powerful strong grown ass women