From a girl to a lady to a Grown ass Woman

From a girl your told your smart andcsweet,your beauty and your so unique.Dream big dreams and you can be anything.from a girl to a lady your smiles glazeing and you body do o so many diffrent things from a girl to a lafy wen he drives you crazy and moves your soul.fromr a girl to a lady wen life seems to be of beat but in control.were theres more from a girl to a lady cause your new boobs hurt badly and unless your string to deal with being a girl your life is like so crazy.from school work to first dates and hot skates and long walks .from a girl to a lady to a grown ass woman make your body this women you have become wise outgoing stylish and vulnerable u let peoplein and the tare you apart u become this power and growth you never imagine u become this love and this passion this grown ass dragon but cute and funny and whorty to be this girl to a lady to a grown ass women to be free to be you to be me i see you girl