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Early Menopause

shocking…Who would have thought that? By 30 no way could i belive i mean ever could ever i have been or would be going thu this.I knew it was crazy wen my doc said it be never be the same any more and i woke up.did i know how or why i was about to walk in to this new place of weridness me..i knew nothing about the pros and cons wht it came with or if i could stop what was about to happen to this body of mine.Lost confused could i die sooner to i thought. untill i become so over hype with wonder i forgot to ask question about just lost much more with the hot and cold flashes an the night sweats i didnt know what to do with my self. So years on i began to read what is menopause and i find out things then i read more on why and how so as a young women i was never told tht a surgary i had back in 2007 had cause me to become and indoor into this early life of menopause …wow.. awwwww some may say i lost a child this day and almost die myself due to noT knowing what was going on and now i suffer with the hots and cold nights and the ups and down then pains i feel weak and not myself but dare a day we need to teach our young people what tgey should know about themself read https://www.google.com/search?q=early+menopause&client=ms-android-sprint-mvno-us&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi575H09PDVAhWoxYMKHURBAGAQ_AUIUCgD&biw=320&bih=452#imgrc=fWsTeWWMA-MJfM%3Aenough to learn more here is not always the only thing do because i thought that obly women that were old went thu it ugh i think not so when they did the surgery they took out one of my ovaries what ment my childbearing years were done they were complete which made me vulnerable to be coming and going through menopause and madness so dont let anyone say its to ear

This article was originally published on @marilyn